Лиорелин (liorelin) wrote,

Эпизод Семилетней войны.

Не могу объяснить, почему, но картина эта неимоверно мне доставляет. Атмосферностью, что ли.

Robert Griffing. Warriors

When the Highlander was summoned to the American frontier to fight on behalf of The Crown, he formed an instant kinship with his Native American counterpart. Tribe and clan were remarkably similar in temperament and philosophy and both cultures produced highly skillful and courageous fighters. In this scene, a Cherokee warrior and Highlander scout in advance of Grant's disastrous expedition against Fort Duquesne. Sadly, both cultures eventually crumbled beneath the oppressive weight of British expansion.

За картину спасибо maj_buzzard.

P.S. Кстати, позавчера вроде бы Международный День Тартана был... С опозданием отмечаю. :)
Tags: history, pictures

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