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The Atlas Of The Civil War.

Скачивать, пока работают ссылки - http://www.avaxhome.ws/ebooks/history_military/Atlas_Civil_War.html.

Here is the definitive reference to the battles of the Civil War, written by America's leading military historians and edited by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War expert James M. McPherson.
This authoritative volume includes gripping eyewitness accounts plus 200 specially commissioned, full-color maps that detail all of the major campaigns and many of the smaller skirmishes of the war between the states. Maps provide a superb visual reference to troop movement, battlefield terrain, and communication lines. Dynamic reconstructions depict battles fought on land, river, and ocean, and time-line descriptions provide play-by-play commentary of the action. With more than 200 photographs and many personal accounts that vividly recount the experiences of soldiers in the fields, this book brings to life the human drama that pitted the north against the south.

А сколько на http://www.avaxhome.ws/ ещё всяких книг... о-о-о, раздолье для книжного маньяка! Отныне я потеряна для общества, спасибо за это maj_buzzard. В ближайших планах найти безлюдный оазис посреди дикой пустыни и засесть там за чтение.
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