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Слухи про 14-й ВКП.

"Four or Five month ago, an american guy "dreamt" of new obliterators. We had the same "dream". It would be for the end of the year, or beginning of next year, we'll have a recast of Abaddon and Obliterators. I saw Santa, he was talking to Abaddon: Abaddon was in a box set with some obliterators, fighting other people looking like humans [...]. (answering a question) No, it's not the Battle Sisters ! I don't know, maybe I spoke too quickly. No, they will be imperial humans in 3+ power armor".
(с) https://youtu.be/HzvuabKBs_I?t=2h14m59s


Вкратце - Абаддон в коробке с новыми облитераторами выйдет в конце года или в начале следующего (типа в рождественский период) где они будут сражаться с какими то имперцами в 3+.

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