Лиорелин (liorelin) wrote,

Нам пишут из Янины...

Получила во вКонтактовскую личку вот такую нетленку.


I am Colonel Francisco Lopez, an American Soldier fight the ISIS groups here in Syria. I’m contacting you for a business deal which involves the sum of $15.8mln (fifteen million eight hundred thousand US dollars) already loaded in three diplomatic consignment trunk boxes which I have already smuggled out of this country with the help of a UN Military Envoys who is a very good friend of mine. He does not know the content of these consignments to be money which are now ready for delivery to any country; my battalion & I have discovered these huge funds in a cave during one of our military operations against the Islamic State groups here in Syria. I am contacting you to help me receive the fund whereby we shall both share the total sum upon receiving these consignments on my behalf in your country. Contact me for more details.(col.franciscopez@gmail.com)

Я это... прямо теряюсь вся от внезапной радости... до полной потери сознания от такого невероятного счастья!
Жаль, спамера заблокировали сразу, плакали мои денежки.
Tags: funny events, internet, me

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