Лиорелин (liorelin) wrote,

How Russian Are You?

Отвечала честно. И вот вам, пожалуйста.

You are 25% Russian!

Who are you kidding? Just because you took a summer language course in Petersburg doesn't make you a Russian.

How Russian Are You?
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А вот что получается, если отвечать так, как этого от тебя ждут. Хотя что-то, конечно, я упустила.

You are 91% Russian!

You're so Russian, you're scary. Watch out for that low life-expectancy statistic. In fact, you may want to lay off the vodka right now, to be safe.

How Russian Are You?
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За тест спасибо rem_lj.
Tags: humour, tests

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